Intermap Technologies receives 1st contract for new aviation product Lido/SurfaceData NEXTView

Intermap Technologies has been awarded its 1st contract for its new, high-resolution aviation terrain dataset declared in December. An international drone operator which delivers medical supplies has signed a multi-year contract in which Intermap will deliver its new Lido/SurfaceData NEXTView terrain dataset to improve flight efficiency, navigation, and safety.

Intermap’s location data will facilitate payloads to be delivered within a landing zone of less than 5-meters in remote environments, where mountainous geography and poor road conditions make an aerial delivery system most efficient. 

NEXTView, developed through a partnership with Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co KG, provides unprecedented global situational awareness for aviation applications. NEXTView combines high-resolution terrain, obstacle, and aerodrome information into a single coherent and uniforms global dataset with military-grade acuity. NEXTView will be certified to relevant industry standards and covers 100 percent of Earth’s land area with 3-meter vertical accuracy.

The NEXTView product is one of a suite of elevation-related software solutions based on the Intermap’s very successful NEXTMap® elevation terrain dataset. Intermap has been steadily building its portfolio of analytic solutions, counting flood-risk mapping and telecommunications link planning, to expand into broader markets.

According to Patrick Blott, Chairman, and CEO, “NEXTView will assist our customer to shorten flight times and reduce the chance of crashes, while delivering emergency medical supplies to rural populations. In many austere environments, drones can substantially cut costs and save lives.

This high-tech supply chain can be faster and more reliable than traditional aviation or motor vehicle means, and our NEXTView product is advancing its mission to improve situational awareness, efficiency, and save lives.”

“After over a year working together with Intermap, we developed this unique terrain product specially designed for the needs of the aviation industry. We are very happy that after testing our dataset, an international drone operator was convinced that this solution would suit their specific needs and signed a contract for Lido/SurfaceData NEXTView,” said Fabio Fornallaz, Product Owner for Lido/SurfaceData at Lufthansa Systems.

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