Health Assurance Inventions, Inc. (NASDAQ:HIIQ), Announces the Predictable Adding of Two New Sovereign Managements

Health Assurance Inventions, Inc. (NASDAQ: HIIQ), an important cloud-based knowledge podium and provider of reasonable health assurance, life assurance and additional strategies, newly acknowledged that its Boarding of Managements will ask stockholders to support the appointment of two new autonomous administrator candidates, Peggy B. Scott and Ellen M. Duffield, at the corporation’s yearly conference of shareholders, to be apprehended on May 14, 2019.

Ms. Scott is a consultant to innovative fitness care and technology businesses and is a previous managerial with CEO/CFO/Chief Approach General involvement crossing main fitness underwriters and earners in national and global marketplaces, including Latin American marketplaces and monetary facilities.

Ms. Scott assisted as Decision-making Vice President, Chief Operational Officer and Chief Economic Officer of Blue Cross Blue Protection (BCBS) of Louisiana and conpresently as Chief Approach Officer, where she managed speedy invention growth in varied fitness protection harvests, including Reasonable Care Act (ACA) and non-ACA strategies, Over-65, Group Health, Life and other auxiliary and additional harvests, and directed new risk-based distribution and compensation depictions.

Ms. Scott also held high-ranking procedures and commercial decision-making situations in U.S. and Intercontinental corporations, including Novant Health, Pan-American and Universal Health, where she led conversions, growth strategies, and processes across 42 U.S. states and seven Latin American countries, besides was an office Dealing Companion with Deloitte.

Ms. Scott is the Board Chair of CLECO Commercial Holdings, LLC and served as its Interim Chief Decision-making Officer.

Ms. Duffield is the Chief Functioning Officer of Entryway Health Plan, a countrywide graded accomplished care society serving Medicaid and Medicare inhabitants.

Ms. Duffield previously attended as the Premier and Chief Administrative Captain of DST Health Explanations (DST), a companion of SS&C Inc., a full-service occupational development outsourcer portion over 180 health strategies, combined conveyance linkages and third-party commissioners.

Ms. Duffield also attended as President of Visiant Health Explanations, a separation of Blue Cross Blue Protection of Michigan, if cloud-based knowledge and mechanization explanations for Medicare, Medicare Benefit, Medicaid and ACO curriculums.

Ms. Duffield held policy-making situations at CatamaranRx, now known as OptumRx, a companion of UnitedHealth Collection, helping as Chief Obedience Officer and Senior Vice President of Administration Agendas.

Ms. Duffield held decision-making locations at great health assurance strategies including Individuality Blue Cross, UnitedHealth Group and Hymn, with tasks for Medicare and Medicare Benefit plans, Achieved Care Governments, Medicare Additional strategies and Medicare Part D actions.

“We are pleased to have designated Ms. Scott and Ms. Duffield to serve as management, and we fully approve their appointment by our shareholders,” said Paul Gabos, Chairman of the Board.

“Peggy Scott conveys to our Board profound administrative management knowledge in U.S. and worldwide health care marketplaces with corporation experiencing quick development and transformational market variations.

Ellen Duffield brings to our Board a broad range of decision-making involvement in health assurance and healthcare material knowledge, including commercial expansion, acquiescence, administration plans, and pharmacy and fitness plan processes.

ssPeggy and Ellen are each country wide document ecommercial bests with effective archives of deliberate alteration, commercial development and implementation of divergence approaches positioned on new harvests, operative competencies and acquiescent substructures.”

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