Difference Between Refined And Unrefined Coconut Oil


Few people know about the difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil. This difference creates by processing methods. Moreover, this difference also lies in taste and some variability in nutrient composition

Type of coconut oil:

There are two types of coconut oil. Both produce from the meaty flesh of a coconut, likewise the different process to be produced, resulting in two different products.

  1. Virgin/Unrefined Coconut oil
  2. Refined coconut oil

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What is Virgin / Unrefined coconut oil?

Unrefined coconut oil is often known as virgin or pure coconut oil. This coconut oil produced by passing fresh coconut meat through either wet- or dry-pressing extraction methods. The process of wet extraction is more time-consuming. This step even can do easily at home.

Meanwhile, Virgin coconut oil available on stores produces r made through the dry-pressing method.  In both ways, the oil got by pressing or removed from the meat of the coconut. In the resulting, slight coconut flavor oil is produced.

What is Refined coconut oil?

Refined coconut oil can get from the dried coconut. And this dried coconut is called copra. When the process of sanitizing and cleansing the copra, it goes through a process of refining. Moreover, it goes through bleaching and deodorizing too.  After this,  therefore, it often called RBD coconut oil. During the production process, the oil is filtered,  and remove free fatty acids.

The flavor of Refined Coconut Oil:

  The flavor of refined coconut oil base on natural taste. Even a lot of characteristics ended from the coconut oil. This oil has antioxidants and desired nutrients in the oil. There is still a significant level of saturated fats found in refined coconut oil. This product is still often used for cosmetic and natural health applications. Refined coconut oil has a milder flavor and a longer shelf life.

Benefits of Refined Coconut Oil:

Refined coconut oil, which is not so rich form of oil, is a much cheaper in buy and easy in use. There are a lot of brands of refined coconut oil that can use for beauty purposes too.

A lesser refined product can give you a portion of the goodness you are looking for.

It’s an excellent moisturizer not only for the skin but hair as well.

it can use as a makeup remover to face cleanser to hair highlighter, refined coconut oil serves more than one beauty purposes.

Benefits of Unrefined Coconut Oil:

There is a question which arose a lot of time about the recommendation to use unrefined coconut oil. Unrefined and unprocessed oil is more hygienic.

Well, unrefined coconut oil is the crude form that is just a product of oil extraction from coconuts with no further processing. It is in its unfiltered form and does not have other additives to change its composition.

This is more saturated and contains less fatty acids fat. Moreover, according to research, this is more useful for hair and skin. As well as, it is based on the saturated fats which considered best for cooking.

Uses of Refined Coconut Oil:

Refined oil contains some and is generally a healthy cooking oil to use. However, refined coconut oil that is hydrogenic, is generally not healthy cooking oil, for when it undergoes the processing procedure that hydrogenates it. Its healthy medium chain fatty acids removed and replaced with unhealthy long chain fatty acids.

Chain  Fatty Acids: A highly saturated oil, three-quarters of coconut oil comes in the form of the medium chain fatty acids. These unique compounds, a subdivision of saturated fat only found in high concentrations in coconut oil, can help support the immune system and eradicate yeast infections. Fife explains how these acids can diffuse into the cell membrane of a fungal cell before causing its death by dissolving. Because of their saturated nature, the medium chain fats remain stable in both the refined and unrefined oil.

These chain fatty acids lead to heart disease and other serious health conditions.

Nutrients which contained by Refined Oil:

Refined coconut oil which  is not hydrogenic. It contains Lauric, Capric and Caprylic acids and vitamins, and nutrients like vitamin K and E and iron.

Diseases  Cured by Refined Oil:

Refined coconut oil helps to boost the body’s immune system and helps to fight diseases like diabetes, HIV, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease and many more. It also helps the thyroid and heart stay healthy and functioning properly. Refined coconut oil helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, increases metabolism and increases energy levels.

It is also organic so it does not contain harmful pesticides.

Which Refined oil is a batter option?

Tropical Traditions Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is the best of both worlds. Instead of organic and expeller,  it has more health benefits than the average refined coconut oil. Tropical Traditions Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is less expensive. It has a longer shelf life. It has a higher smoke point than unrefined coconut oil. Tropical Traditions Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil is available in a convenient one-gallon tub and can purchase at some health food stores, grocery stores and online.

Uses of Unrefined Coconut Oil:

Unrefined Coconut Oil For Skin

In the east, people have used coconut oil as their beauty secret. It has many properties. Unrefined coconut oil has grown to be a great option for multiple numbers of skincare needs.

A Great Moisturiser

The unrefined oil has a nourishing your skin too. The oil is usually in a liquid state in the warm regions. Although it is solid in colder regions. The oil has a texture like that of petroleum jelly. On application, our body heat melts it immediately and it can smoothly be spread on the skin. Seeping through the pores, it proves to be one of the most beneficial moisturizing agents. Making your skin soft and supple, this oil keeps you hydrated in the driest of climates.

Make-Up Remover

Enhancer of beauty is make-up. But it is difficult to remove the make-up after a long day. It is essential to remove your makeup as your skin needs to hydrate and breathe. Meanwhile, this task of removing makeup is difficult for soft areas of your face. Coconut oil is the best makeup remover. It can lift away the thick coat of cosmetics in no time. For removing the makeup, coconut is a time savior.

A Deep Cleanser

Our face goes through a lot of undesirable conditions in our everyday urban life. Starting from dirt from pollution, chemical-based makeup, dehydration from air conditioning to the daily stress levels, it all makes the pores get clogged. Toxins too may seep in and affect our skin adversely. Dirty skin requires a cleanser daily. Coconut oil is the solution as it nourishes your skin by opening and softening the keratin caps and makes it easy for your skin to exfoliate.

Nutrients of Refined and Unrefined Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil gets from the coconut kernel.  A plethora of health resources makes it stay in demand and the west is also looking into this new option of healthy cooking.

Oil stores a great reserve of energy in one of the most concentrated forms. Every 100g of oil packs in a whopping 884 calories to make you get active and running in life.

Oil is very rich in saturated fats. It makes the oil have a noticeably long shelf life for cooking.

Fatty acids present in coconut oil- whether it is a healthy choice is debatable. Experts are varied in their opinion. If some ask you to avoid it, there are many others who advise using oil while cooking as they feel it adds to the goodness in your diet.

Lauric acid is one of the most important fat elements present in this oil that is great for your health as it has properties to kill bacteria and fungi. Finding uses in both external and edible needs, this is the healing secret found in coconut oil.

It has good cholesterol. As mentioned above, the content of this oil is rich in its nature with fats. Hence the cholesterol it adds to your body is the good cholesterol that you need.

Does Unrefined coconut oil taste the same as Refined coconut oil?

One of the most immediate differences between Virgin and Refined Coconut Oil is the taste and aroma. While Virgin (unrefined) Coconut Oil boasts a delicious, tropical coconut scent and flavor, Refined Coconut Oil has a neutral scent and flavor.

How can we use refined coconut oil?

Coconut Oil can be used for baking, cooking, and body & hair care. Luckily, Virgin and Refined Coconut Oil can use interchangeably in recipes so you won’t have a problem switching between the two.

Because of the way Refined Coconut Oil made, it has a higher smoke point (400 degrees) than Virgin Coconut Oil, making it great for sautéing, stir-frying and baking. Plus, the neutral flavor makes it ideal for recipes where a coconut flavor isn’t desired. Virgin Coconut Oil is best for medium heat cooking up to 350 degrees.

 Coconut Oil’s Health Benefits

It does have research supporting its potential health benefits, but many of these studies are inconclusive. This is saturated fat, so it’s more metabolic than other forms of saturated fat.  Since it’s metabolized speedily, it’s a quick source of energy.

However, since research on coconut oil is inconclusive, especially when you consider it as part of a whole Western diet, it should be consumed in moderation. Saturated fats still have the potential to negatively affect your cholesterol levels and raise your risk of heart disease.


Refined coconut oil is more in use than the unrefined coconut oil in skin care and beauty products. But in cooking unrefined oil considered as best.